Wellcam Internal Camera with push to Talk Function


An internal camera with a huge 180 degree field of vision that really connects you to your family and loved ones, no matter where you may be.



Wellcam™ empowers safe and healthy independent living by extending wellbeing to everyone in your family.  With its Bluetooth speaker, microphone, 180-degree camera, and Two-Way Audio calling, Wellcam makes it easy to create a 24/7 direct connection to family, friends, or caregivers.  One press of Wellcam’s call-out button is all it takes to reach out and send notifications to everyone on your call list, who then use a mobile app to see and speak with their loved one.  Family and caregivers can also use the mobile app to see activity highlights, check in anytime, and receive automatic notifications when Wellcam detects unexpected behavior. Wellcam is the intelligent care companion that gives families peace of mind and extends the bubblenet service to loved ones anywhere, ensuring they feel safe and watched over.


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