What happens if the Alarm activates?
• If your alarm goes off all devices that have notifications turned on will receive a notification that an alarm event has occurred

• If you have signed up for monitoring the monitoring station will call and ask for your password. If you do not answer they will call the second number given. If they cannot get an answer from the keyholder or the second keyholder then the authorities will be called

• To disarm the system after the alarm has gone off just use the alarm.com app, enter the user code on the IQ panel or enter the user code on your keypad

Where are the best places to place my cameras?
Once you have your camera linked to your account you can position it anywhere as long as it is within range of your router. If your camera is too far away from your router you will not get a steady connection. Keep in the mind that the camera will have to be plugged into a wall socket.
How do i reset my password?
1 go to www.alarm.com/login
click login help
enter your username in the forgot password tab
press submit
A password reset link will be sent to your email you set your account up with. You need to be verified by a security question
Do I need to update my Alarm?
You don’t need to do anything as any updates will be pushed thought to your panel automatically. So you will always have the latest software.
Can my panel connect to Alexa?
Yes it can below are some phrase that can be used.
To use Alexa to make changes to your security system start by saying “Alexa open alarm.com” 


“Set security system to arm stay”
“Set security system to arm away”
“Disarm security system”
“is my security system disarmed?”
“what is the current status of my security system?”
Alexa will ask for a pin code for some commands, this is the 4-digit pin you set up when linking the accounts



“Turn on
“Turn off
“Set light to 20%”
“Turn on
“Turn off

How do I upgrade my system and get add ons?
Contact one of our advisors on 03300240203 or email info@bubblenet.co.uk and one of the team will be happy to help
What do I do if my system develops a fault?
If Your system develops a fault, just simply call 03300240203 number and one of our experts can help we offer 24/7 help and support
How do I access knowledge Base on alarm.com?
The Knowledge offers guidance and support for any problems you have with your system, this can be accessed via your app or via the web using alarm.com
Does the Panel need to be plugged in?

Yes the panel needs to be plugged in, however in the event of a powercut the panel has a back up battery which can last up to 24 hours. Once power is restored the systems switches back to mains power and recharges back up battery

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