the bubblenet way

the smart system

Our smart home security system provides you with full control of your home. The easy to use touchscreen panel feels just like your smart device.
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key features

photo frame

The photo frame feature means it blends nicely into your home whether the system is mounted on a wall or used on the supplied stand on a tabletop. Pop in a MicroSD card and you can personalise the screen to display photos of your choice

scenes and routines

From your panel or smart home app, you can control your security system and any devices using Z wave technology such as smart plugs or lighting, you can even set rules to turn on lights if the system receives an activation or to run scenes that suit your routines.

geo services

Using the geo services will let the system know when you’re home and should you forget to set the system on the way out, then it will send you a reminder to set the system.

video analytics

Take your security cameras to a new level, choose a camera and package with video analytics to really increase the level of security to your home, create your own triggering rules and detection zones and control what notifications you receive. Also, the system will automatically know whether it’s a vehicle, animal or person to help with notifications.

Choose and customise your bundle

bubblenet provide a range of pre built system packages to suit different house sizes and requirements. Simply choose your bundle and then customise to add additional devices or services such as a video doorbell or smoke alarm.’
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