Smart Home Alarm Systems

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What are smart home alarm systems? 

The home is the one place we should feel completely at ease and safe. With the advancements in technology, it has never been easier to connect your home devices. A smart home is essentially a home where you can change or monitor different aspects of your home from a smartphone or computer. A smart home alarm system gives remote access to your cameras, alarms, video doorbell and many other devices in an easy-to-use solution. Bubblenet offer cameras and doorbells that provide full visibility to interior and exterior of your home.  

Protect your bubble

Learn more about how you can use our smart home security systems in your house.

Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring

More about our HD smart home cameras, a key component of any smart CCTV system.

Protect Your Loved Ones

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Smart Routine Monitoring and Wellness Camera, allows you check up on your venerable family members.


Device application options

Discover more about Z Wave Technology and Smart Plugs: take full control of your home.

What smart home alarm products and solutions can Bubblenet offer? 

Bluetooth disarming 

Original alarm systems required you to enter a code or use a specialised fob to disarm the security system. Meaning you had to enter the correct code in a certain time frame, or remember to keep the fob with you. Bluetooth integration has made it so you don’t need to worry, as the smart security system automatically disarms the smart home alarm when you enter the premises.  

Live Answer Doorbell 

Being able to see who is at your door before you open it can help with your Wellness and safety. Video Monitoring devices allow the video feed from your doorbell camera, and all other cameras, to be streamed directly to the smart alarm panel. Allowing for two-way audio communication with the visitor at the door.  

Geo Services

Have you left the house in a rush and forgotten to set the alarm? With Bubblenet’s smart home alarm system, you get a notification when you leave a certain distance to remind you to set your alarm. No matter where you are.  

Phone arm and disarm

Your alarm system should work for you. Arming and disarming the alarm should be as simple as tapping a button. Our smart home alarm system does just that, allowing you to use your alarm how you want to use it.  

Analytics Packages

Every person’s needs are different, and require the flexibility to protect what is most important. Video analytics enables you to create zones and rules for when to start recording. You can set different events to trigger different actions, such as turn on the Bubblenet smart bulbs.  

Why would someone choose to have a smart home alarm system?

Smart security systems have been a popular addition to homes for many years. Technology has only improved how we protect our homes. The Integration of several devices creates a multifaceted approach to deterrent and documentation. The greatest benefit to using a smart home alarm is being able to access the video feeds from anywhere in the world. You can get notifications of potential security breaches in real-time, so you can take quicker action, stopping criminal activity.  

Why should you choose Bubblenet smart systems?

Offering a wide range of products, that can be tailored to your exact needs, Bubblenet will find the perfect solution for you. There are bundle options starting from £399, that are simple and easy to get started with. Have a question on which bundle is best for you? Call us on 0330 0240203, today! 

Choose and customise your bundle

bubblenet provide a range of pre built system packages to suit different house sizes and requirements. Simply choose your bundle and then customise to add additional devices or services such as a video doorbell or smoke alarm.’
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