Our home security bundles provide a variety of options for you to choose the best security alarm package for your home. All packages come with the smart home alarm panel, pet friendly motion detectors and at least one door/window contact. Choose the package that suits your home and then customise to add more sensors or cameras.

Simply then choose your monthly monitoring plan starting from as low as £14.99 per month, less then 50p a day!

What is SMART security?

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure, especially in their own home. Protecting your home is only one part of protecting your family. There are countless stories of people coming home to a break in, with everything turned upside down. Security systems work as a deterrent, and a smart home security bundle utilises modern technology to keep your home safe. They connect over Wi-Fi and communicate to one central hub.

What is the importance of a SMART security Bundle?

Security systems can be expensive, which is why many look for home security bundles. They come with everything you need to get up and running. Depending on the particular smart home security bundle you choose, you can get cameras, a control panel and motion detectors that cover the important access points in your home.

What bundles do Bubblenet provide?

Starter Bundle

The starter bundle is one of the home security bundles on offer, it has the essentials included for homes with one or two bedrooms. The touchscreen smart panel is equipped with a siren and 5mp camera, that connect to the two pet-friendly motion sensors, and the contact sensor. The contact sensor can be installed on either a door or window.

Starter Kit with Siren

The same as the starter bundle this smart home security bundle also includes an external siren. They are fantastic for two reasons; they make enough noise that everyone on your street knows there is a break-in; opportunistic criminals will see the siren and are less likely to attempt a burglary.

Medium Bundle

Need more equipment than the starter bundle? The medium bundle offers more: four motions detectors, and two door or window contact sensors. This smart home security bundle is perfect for medium to large sized homes.

Large Bundle

The solution that covers virtually everything, the large bundle includes the same as the starter kit with siren, but with more sensors, and an external camera. Six motion detectors for even more coverage, limiting blind spots. The external camera adds the ability to see what’s happening outside your property. Which you can view on the smartphone app, or on the control panel.

Automation Bundle

The pinnacle of smart technology, if you are looking for a video doorbell and camera bundle. The automation bundle includes a smart plug, and smart bulb, which you control from your phone. You can turn on the lights before you get home, or if you are away. Giving the illusion that someone is home, which lowers the chances for a break in.